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Products of For U Technology Co., LTD

Digital Kiosk

Digital Information Kiosk

For U Technology can customize and supply all kinds of Digital Kiosk, to meet different demands of client.


Digital Signage

Digital Signage

What you will get from For U Digital Signage?
Digital advertising
Brand building
Influencing customer behavior
Public menu information.


Holographic 3D

3D Holographic Display

Based on 3D Projection Technology, the device can display 3D image floated in the air which has a view of 180°/270°/ 360°.

The 3D content can be static or consequent pictures, and also high-quality videos through 3D treatment.


Transparent Screen

LCD/ LED Transparent Screen, See-though display

Also named see-through display, an exciting application of next-generation display technology, have unlimited potential to change our viewing habits over the next several years. 


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