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Holographic 3D

For U Technology 3D HOLOGRAPHIC DISPLAY based on three-dimensional(3D) projection mirror imaging principle, the machine can display 3D light and shadow imaging floated in the air under treatment of 3D imaging device. The 3D images can be static pictures or consequent ones, and also high-quality videos through 3D treatment. Viewers can walk a circle around the four-dimensional imaging system to watch the mirror image projection suspended in the air.

The machine is composed of 4 parts: the appearance cabinet, 3D projection lens, 3D image transmit device and the display device.

Compatible File Formats


Support Memory Card: USB /CF/SD


Audio Output:

External speaker: 2Wx2(Optional)


Power Supply: DC12V/4A

Power consumption: 48W



Play Mode

Video files can be set for Single -play, all -loop and Sequence -play


Luxury products: Jewelry, watched, perfume, electronics, model, etcLuxury products: Jewelry, watched, perfume, electronics, model, etc


Museum, Cinema, Exhibition, Hotel, Exclusive Shops, etc


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