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Digital Kiosk

Information Kiosk (short: AIO-Kiosk) are desktop computers that combine the computer's internal components into the same case as the monitor.

Digital Interactive Kiosk are a computer terminal featuring specialized hardware and software that provides access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment or eduction.

For U Technology can customize and supply all kinds of digital information Kiosk, to meet different demands of client.
can be with touch screen as touch screen kiosk.
can be with printer, scanner, camera, etc extera devices as self service kiosk solutions
optional PC hardware configuration, different CPU, different harddisk capacity etc
optional sizes LCD/LED display, from 15inch to 65inch.
customized housing design, wall mount, open frame, freestanding, ceiling mount etc, all kinds of types.
optional colors, your own logo.

More ready model details, pls click below link. if not ready model interesting you, we also can customize the all in one touch screen kiosk that you need.