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Freestanding Glasses-free 3D 4K Digital Totem

 It is time to take off your glasses to watch vivid 3D.



Freestanding Glasses-free 3D 4K Digital Totem

Model: GSF-HOLO01

1. Amazing glasses-free 3D freestanding digital totem, no need to wear any 3D glasses;
2. High end design, support to customize different shapes of freestanding housing;
3. New generation 4K resolution video wall, ever clear than before;
4. Amazing 3D effect;
5. Can achieve full angle view and no ghosting effect;
6. Both Android and X86 operation system is available;
7. Size available: 28”, 32”, 40”,43”, 49”, 55”,58”,65”,85”
8. Support to built in lockable wheels underneath;
9. Built in professional digital signage HD-DS software
10. Perfect solution for digital signage application;
11. We offer a total glasses-free 3D digital signage totem solution.

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