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Customize service

About Customization Service


1.What kind of customization service can you provide?

We can provide full-range of made-to-order services, main features are as followings:

(1) Hardware: including the appearance of the player, such as casing materials (plastic, metal), shape, color and accessories.

(2) Software: functions, such as password, IR sensor, timer etc.

(3) Brackets, CF cards and other accessories

2.How do you assess the feasibility of a customization requirement?

(1) We will strictly evaluate whether it is practical in technical aspects.

(2) We will strictly evaluate whether the quality of the modified player be reliable.

(3) Developing time.

(4) Developing cost.

3.How do you charge developing costs?

After comprehensive evaluation, we will come out with total developing costs. However, it could be refund to customers when their future order reach certain big quantity.

4.We need a vertical LCD advertising player, with stand and shelf which can contain magazines. Is
there any possibility for you to do so? If yes, what is the MOQ and will you charge us extra ?

Yes, we used to make several such vertical LCD advertising players, with a kind of metal board as the housing. MOQ is 100 pieces. Developing fee will be charged and then refund if the further order comes to a much bigger quantity.

5.We need to order 15 inch LCD advertising players, with plastic housing and a special request on the shape/look of housing; will you do that for us?
Yes, however, there are two points you have to be aware of:

(1).We need to make new mold for casing, with considerable cost.

(2).The developing lead-time is minimum 3 months.

6.We need a kind of 19 inch LCD advertising player, with special appearance. However, we don’t want to make a new mold, is there any way to make it happen?

Two options: first, we can help you make metal housing; second, we can help you find a similar looking plastic housing.