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Q & A

About For U LCD Digital Signage

1. What are the main features of your LCD Digital Signage?

Our LCD Digital Signage are professional advertising multi-media players integrated with different sizes of LCD screen. it is very easy to us. just plug the SD card or USB in, the machine will automatically process data from memory card or USB flash drive (or built-in memory, if equipped) to play and automatically play in loop with advertising video, photo and music; And you can set timer to power on/off, player certain content in certain pre-set time. However, motion sensor, touch screen, wifi/3G/LAN network, push buttons, maggic mirror, built in battery etc functions be option, can be customized according to client's detailed request. They are widely used as LCD Advertising Display in supermarket, elevator, store, shopping mall, and other public areas.

2. Could you describe your LCD Digital Signage in details?

Play MP4 movies, MP3 music and digital photos
Play from:
CF(Compact Flash card), SD card
USB flash drive
USB hard disk drive
Integrated 7" -65" LCD screen
Automatically play and replay

Timer function: the players power on / off automatically everyday at the exact pre-set time.
USB auto update funciton: Upgrade contents of the memory card (or built-in memory) by simply inserting an USB flash drive
Motion sensor: the player starts automatically when the IR movement sensor detects an approaching viewer
Theft-protection: usual with lock door which effectively prevent the player and CF card from being stolen in public places
Equipped with Acryl layer, effectively protecting LCD screen from rude
Equipped with two high quality built-in stereo speakers
Very easy to use and install, by using optional VESA wall mount brackets, shelf mount bracket, floor standing, table standing brackets.

3. What sizes of LCD advertising display do you have?

7, 10, 12, 15, 19, 22, 26, 32, 42, 47, 55, 65, 84 inch

4. What can I use LCD Signage for?

Digital LCD Signage can be used for, but not limited to, the following purposes:

(1) Play advertisements when installed on supermarket shelves;

(2) Play advertisements / public information when installed in shop showcases;

(3) Play advertisements / public information when hung on elevator or other places;

(4) Play advertisements / public information when installed in motor vehicles;

(5) Used in different public areas, such as hospital, school, waiting hall etc.

5. What is the Timer Function of Digital LCD Signage?

The player can turn on/off at the same time everyday according to your setting, and player certain content in preset during time everyday.

6. What is the function of USB update?

You can upgrade contents of the memory card (or built-in memory) by simply inserting an USB flash drive loaded with new content, no need to take out the memory card of the player. and the player will automatically start playing after upgrade.

7. What is IR motion sensor function in details?

(1) The advertising player will start playing 3-5 seconds after the movement IR body sensor detects an approaching viewer. And automatically power off once the viewer leaves.

(2) The advertising player will keep playing all the time, the sound of player will be activated
when the IR body sensor detects an approaching viewer. After the viewer leaves, it will keep playing for another 5 minutes before it is mute again.

(3) Other detailed function request can be customized.

8. What kind of CF card does your advertising player support?

Usual CF card, also called CF card type I, with capacity up to 2G.

9. What kind of USB flash drive does your advertising player support?

USB 2.0 port (compatible to USB 1.1), through which USB flash drive and USB hard disk drive can be connected.

10. What kind of picture format does your advertising player support?


11. What kind of MP3 music format does your advertising player support?

Usual MP3 format such as stereo MP3 (G I Lay III) decoded file.

12. What kind of video format does your advertising player support?

Video format includes: DIVX3.11, DIVX4.0, DIVX5.0, AVI, MOV.

13. Does your advertising player need to install driver software?

No. it is very easy to use, just plug SD card in, the advertising player will auto player in loop.

14. What kind of power supply your LCD digital signage displays use?

We use DC power and equipped with quality / safety approved power adaptor for 7-22 inch advertising player before delivery. For 26 inch or larger advertising players, there are built-in power adaptors, and use power from AC directly. However, for the power plug, we can supply all kind of plug all over the world. including US standard, UK standard, Australia standard, European standard etc.

15. Some TV sets connected with DVD are used to play advertising video in many public places, what are their differences from your LCD advertising player?

(1) DVD is the combination of a DVD player and display terminal (such as TV) , while our player has a built-in, integrated LCD screen;

(2) DVD+TV plays DVD disks with fixed contents, while our player plays from CF card or USB flash drive, which can copy files from a computer / Internet very easily. So the data in our player can be copied / updated more easily;

(3) The playing process of DVD is the process of mechanical abrasion because there are moving parts inside. Our player plays through electronic current, resulting in no mechanical abrasion whatsoever, hence more durable and suitable for long hour playing.

(4) TV and DVD is home use device, but our advertising player is professional commerical device. not only the software function special designed for advertising, with auto player in loop, auto copy, timer functions etc, but also the hardware special design. much more durable for long time playing and safe from stolen.

16. Why can LCD advertising display continuously play without causing any damage?

LCD advertising player works with electronic current, with no moving mechanical parts, thus result in no mechanical abrasion, so LCD advertising player is more suitable for long hours playing.

17. Can your LCD advertising player shut down or turn on if the main power shut down or turn on in public place?

Yes. Our customers can install LCD advertising player on supermarket shelves; When the main power of the supermarket turns on, our player will automatically start playing; When the main power turns off, the player will stop. No need to adjust, move or touch the player after installation.

18. How about the sound effects of LCD Signage?

After our strict sound test, it has the sound effects to its best. Of course, you can use external speakers when needed.

19. Since LCD advertising Display is equipped with body sensor, will it automatically play when viewers approach?


20. How long will your advertising display play with viewer approaching?

The default set is for 5 minutes. That is, it will keep playing if the viewer stays around. If the viewer leaves, it will keep playing for 5 more minutes before it stops.(the time and function can be customized)

21. Can the playing time of body sensor be re-set according to users need?

(1) we can pre-set the time before delivery based on customer’s need.

(2) user can set the time by themselves.

22. What type of brackets can hold LCD advertising display to shelves or car headrest?

Besides the hanging eyes on the back of player, we design several metal hanging tools.

(1) there are international VESA standard hanging holes on the casing ;

(2) integrated player with relevant brackets via standard VESA holes;

(3) it can be installed on shelves, wall, display stand or on car headrest by using brackets with different functions.

23. What standard accessories come with your products?

Power adaptor and user manual are our standard accessories. Besides, we can provide accessories according to client’s needs.

24. How do you provide suitable bracket for your users?

Before placing order, we will discuss with you and provide the corresponding brackets according to the place you use the players. If you don’t have any requirement, we will provide our standard bracket to you for some models. (For example, the plastic stand bracket for AD701 and metal stand bracket for AD1001P ).

25. If we require stand kits made exclusively for us?

Since design and mould are individually made, it requires certain quantity and certain charge according to the actual situation.

26. How to prevent 7 inch and 10 inch LCD advertising display from being stolen in public place?

(1) CF/SD card can be effectively protected when you close the card cover and tighten the Lock Screw on the cover;

(2) In the side of the player there is a cable lock slot, through which you can fix one end of the cable lock. And fix the other end to a solid subject, thus preventing the player from being stolen.

27. How to prevent 15 inch and larger size LCD advertising player from being stolen in public place?

(1) We install the safety cover on input, output location of the rear; tighten the lock screws of the safety cover. They can effectively protect CF card from being stolen and prevent power adaptor being unplugged deliberately by others.

(2) The player can be fixed tightly on the wall by wall mount brackets to prevent it from being stolen.

28. For LCD Digital Signage displayed in public place, how to prevent them being unplugged deliberately?

According to different sizes of advertising player, our designs are as below:

(1) For 15 inch and larger advertising player, there are the safety cover on input, output location at the rear; tighten the lock screws of the safety cover. They can effectively prevent power adaptor being unplugged deliberately by others.

(2) For 10 inch advertising player, we equipped with power supply cover, tighten the lock screws of power supply cover. They can effectively prevent power adaptor being unplugged deliberately by others.

29. Will the Lock Screw hole on CF/SD card cover be damaged if I unlock the lock screw frequently?

No, our special design makes the screw hole with copper nut which can sustain numerous times of locking and unlocking.

30. Regarding the player placed in public places, we are worried that the buttons be mishandled and damaged by viewers?

(1) As per your requirement, the buttons of player can be disabled and only remote controller can operate the player.

(2) As per your requirement, we can design the player with password protection function.

(3) LCD panel has acrylic or tempered glass to protect it from scratching.

31. Does your LCD Signage have built-in battery?

Usual with AC, DC power. if you need, we can customized for you. usual for 7-12 inch small screen, and 4-8 hours life battery is reasonable.

32. Is there any customized product with built-in battery?

Once we made it. But some customers change their ideas because recharging battery everyday requires too much man-power. however, the cost of battery is a little expensive.

33. How to prevent unauthorized people inserting USB to update content of player?

As per your requirement, we can design and create players with password protection function.

34. Can you upload our content to CF/SD cards before shipment?

Yes. After we receive video from you, our engineering will test the file and upload them to CF/SD cards. Then we take aging test for player together with these video. You can simply plug and play after you receive the players.

35. What kind of test you will do before shipment?

All our product undertake at least 48 hours aging test (including power adaptor and CF/SD card) before shipment.

About Customization Service


1.What kind of customization service can you provide?

We can provide full-range of made-to-order services, main features are as followings:

(1) Hardware: including the appearance of the player, such as casing materials (plastic, metal), shape, color and accessories.

(2) Software: functions, such as password, IR sensor, timer etc.

(3) Brackets, CF/SD cards, USB disk and other accessories

2.How do you assess the feasibility of a customization requirement?

(1) We will strictly evaluate whether it is practical in technical aspects.

(2) We will strictly evaluate whether the quality of the modified player be reliable.

(3) Developing time.

(4) Developing cost.

3.How do you charge developing costs?

After comprehensive evaluation, we will come out with total developing costs. However, it could be refund to customers when their future order reach certain big quantity.

4.We need a vertical LCD advertising player, with stand and shelf which can contain magazines. Is
there any possibility for you to do so? If yes, what is the MOQ and will you charge us extra ?

Yes, we used to make several such vertical LCD advertising players, with a kind of metal board as the housing. MOQ is 100 pieces. Developing fee will be charged and then refund if the further order comes to a much bigger quantity.

5.We need to order 15 inch LCD advertising players, with plastic housing and a special request on the
shape/look of housing; will you do that for us?
Yes, however, there are two points you have to be aware of:

(1).We need to make new mold for casing, with considerable cost.

(2).The developing lead-time is minimum 3 months.

6.We need a kind of 19 inch LCD advertising player, with special appearance. However, we don’t want
to make a new mold, is there any way to make it happen?

Two options: first, we can help you make metal housing; second, we can help you find a similar looking plastic housing.


Sales and After Sales Service

1. What are your additional services?

Our additional services include: acting as buying agent for accessories; providing transportation and exportation service; customizing our products; OEM using your own brand; product designing and manufacturing ODM.

2. What accessories do you buy for customers?

All accessory products, including various metal stand kits / brackets, theft proof cable lock, memory card, USB flash drive, USB cable, USB hard disk drive, earphone cable, etc.

3. How do you control the quality of the products you buy for your customers?

Our professional purchasing staffs compare different suppliers and choose the best possible Quality / Price combination in the market.

4. Can you write our video program into CF card and install it for us before shipment?


5. Can you send sample to us before we place an order?

Yes, and there will be a cost for the sample and postage.

6. What is the minimum order quantity?

If you order our standard products, there is no minimum quantity requirement; if you order customized products, then there is a minimum quantity requirement, which varies according to your requirements.

7. How can I pay?

T/T (also called wire-transfer), Western Union, and L/C are all acceptable, but we only accept L/C when your order is more than 1 million USD. Credit card is not acceptable.

8. What transportation means do you use for exportation?

As per customer requirement, we can arrange for ocean loose cargo / ocean container or air cargo, with very high efficiency.

9. How long will it take if we order 200 units AD701, FOB Hong Kong?

Approximately 20 days after we receive your deposit, subject to confirmation at the time of order.

10. How long do you guarantee your products?

One year starting from date of delivery.

11. What is your guarantee term?

We will take back and replace our product for quality problems raised due to our design, production, packages, etc. Accessories are not covered by our guarantee terms.

12. Under what circumstances you do not provide guarantee?

(1) Malfunction caused by misuse or use not according to our instruction in User’s Manual;

(2) Damage caused by collision or other exterior factors;

(3) Damage caused by opening the player by yourself;

(4) Damage caused by natural disaster.

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