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Maximize the value of digital signage display

Maximize the value of digital signage display

When reviewing / upgrade may be normal, the need to have several projects or time preset. For example, investments in network expansion and upgrades are being considered or carried out to the audience and impact analysis or being evaluated, which are associated with the budget cycle.

From digital signage equipment investments maximize value is not difficult, but the form of networks is a challenge to use. This need to gradually make improvements, especially in the content strategy and portfolio ROI, and to achieve a new level of operability. Network operators and end-users often can not obtain its subsequent high-value, deliver business value and benefit of those who use media transfer and people involved in the message, which means that the core changes and improvements imperative.

Those who use the system to pass information to the people something to look forward for continued growth in revenue and aspirations, and through continued investment mandate Personnel responsible for delivering value to provide these needs.

When fixed display and digital signage use quantitative growth is usually requires attention to three elements:

1 content strategy, including expected results, playlists structure, mainly in order to lock the audience and the separation date, style guide, dynamic data feeds, database interface, the message structure, localized messaging, content providers, cross-media and drives viewers to the network, mobile and social media.

2 network support, message management and impact analysis process.

With the increasing use of the media, network operators and maintenance personnel burden heavier. The end-user (such as marketing) needs and the constant inquiry response, usually a short period of training provided to employees, as well as coordinating marketing, region, sector, activity, product management and institutions related to personnel matters.

3 information technology infrastructure can maximize the impact while minimizing operating costs.

Increased use of digital signage equipment means that information is increasingly aimed at regional, branch or even a personal monitor. Management Group and the increase in the number of information largely designed to use content management software or traffic control system of content management system (CMS) to influence customers. Out of the system or the need for an upgrade, CMS must be able to efficiently arrange content play, so that the system is used in compliance activities and communications goals.

These points for enhancing the level of operability and value that are reshaping the digital signage remedy, shall "review, refine goals, recalibrate then restart."

The system can also be used as an internal communication system, the media and playlist updates and dispersion analysis of the return will be broadcast for this promotion system dedicated network mining business value.



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