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Hologram 3D Transparent LCD LED OLED Screen Displays

Hologram 3D LCD/ OLED/ LED Transparent Screen, See-though display

Also named see-through display, an exciting application of next-generation display technology, have unlimited potential to change our viewing habits over the next several years. 

Transparent screen is a very interesting and effective way to mix LCD/ LED / OLED graphics and physical objects.

LCD/ LED Transparent screen operates by using ambient light without internal backlight. It enables you to look through the display glass on an exhibit to view content on the LCD/ LED and the product behind it.

As the LCD uses ambient light, the power consumption of the device itself is less than 90% compared with conventional LCDs of the same size.

This technology is very effective for signage and advertising for products in places with high physical traffic like shopping malls, airports, casinos, gaming areas, etc.


For U Technology always keep following with the most advanced technology in this field, thanks to our R&D team, our transparent lcd/ LED display, show case have been ready for customer.


The latest innovation in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) introduces an incredible Transparent LCD screen. Now, you'll not only be looking at an LCD, you'll be seeing through it and into the area surrounding whatever goodies appear to be 'housed' inside it! Touch technology can also be added by using an Interactive Touch Foil or IR Touch Frame.

This is great news for businesses wanting to:
• Revamp their window, foyer or billboard-style display.
• Showcase their products in a new and creative way.
Coupled with a clever 
Transparent LCD screen unit set-up, this revolutionary technology, the latest mobile phone, face cream or jewellery is encased inside the display while pictures, video or special effects (think snow and sparkles) simultaneously surround the product to inform and dazzle onlookers.
What can the Transparent screen do for you?
• Showcase your product line and communicate your message in a unique, dynamic and memorable way.
• Promote YOU and make your business premises stand out.
• Generate revenue through advertising.
How does the Transparent LCD Screen it work?
The LCD utilises ambient light, with no internal back lighting requirement. For this reason, it is more energy efficient, cost effective and reliable than other displays of similar size.
The Transparent LCD Screen:
• Available in 10.2''/12.1''/19''/20''/22''/32''/42''/46''.
• Integrates physical product display and electronic content display functionality.
• Accommodates Touch Technology - Touch Foil or IR Touch Frame.
• Allows you to plug in and play PC or Media Player content.
• lightweight, durable and available in a range of sizes.

 See-though displays, Besides supply LCD/ OLED transparent screen, we also manufacture and supply Transparent LED Display, can be used indoor and outdoor.

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Transparent screen: transparent LED display, just as its name implies, is a LED display that has the property to let light pass through, just like glasses. with high permeability, utra-ligh features, it is an innovation of strip screen, and improvements on SMD manufacturing process, packaging and control system. With hollow structure design, eliminated components that blocking sight, the perspective effect is maximized. 

At the same time,it also nas unique aisplay ettect,when the audience standing at an ideal distance,the picture seems to suspend on the glass curtain wall.LED transparent screen let LED display to expand the application area to building glass wall and shopping window,it has become a new trend in new media market.

Along with the outdoor advertising, the LED screen is flooded with a series of negative issues,including urban image problems.LED display can play the tunction ot city lighting and information spread,but in the off time it is like a piece of"city scar',misit the surrounding environment,greatly attected the city's appearance,destroyed the city scenery.

As a result of these problems,the regulation and approval of outdoor large screen installation become more and more complicated, and the management of outdoor advertisement is becoming more and more strict.

Transparent LED display not only integrates all the advantages of the conventional outdoor high-definition LED display,but also eliminates the problem or urban image to the maximum.Because it is installed in the rear of the glass curtain wall,even if it is not working,it will not have any impact on the surrounding environment. At the same time,because it is indoor advertising to play to outdoor audiences,so it can avoid the approval of outdoor advertising.

In addlition,with the development of city construction,glass curtain wall has gradually become popular,transparent Led display with is thin,no steel structure, easy installation and low maintenance, is becoming a best partner with glass curtain wall,not only it has no sense of intrusion, it is fashionable and beautiful,adding atmosphere of modern science and technology to the city building. Theretore,LED transparent screen in the market has won everyone's support,and received widespread attention.

LED transparent glass is suitable for medium size LED display advertising application,in the absence of direct sunlight conditions it canbe used in daytime,module size can be customized for glass curtain wall to achieve seamless splicing.As long as there is a glass curtain wall,this product can be applied.Such as banks,shopping 



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