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The value and trend of outdoor LCD digital signage advertising display

The value and trend of outdoor LCD digital signage advertising display


With the development of science and technology, urban infrastructure is constantly upgrading.In order to facilitate the public and improve the quality of life, new functions and equipment emerge in endlessly.All kinds of convenient software and new interaction appear, which need LCD screen to carry operation, indoor digital signage equipment has been relatively perfect, outdoor lcd digital signage market needs to be developed.


1. Outdoor digital lcd advertising display waterproof, dust-proof and other characteristics.


Outdoor digital signs waterproof, dust-proof, high temperature, low temperature and other outdoor standard characteristics, so that outdoor advertising display in the outdoor application of many scenes, such as bus stations, communities, pedestrian streets, parks, scenic spots, etc., and 24 hours of normal operation.


2. The outdoor advertising machine uses a high-brightness LCD screen display.


The high-brightness LCD display is exquisite, vivid, colorful, and clear, making it ideal for close-up viewing and use. And its high-brightness display makes it completely clear in the outdoor environment, and the brightness is automatically adjusted with the ambient light intensity, which can reduce power consumption and reduce light pollution.


3. The pictures are vivid and diverse.


Outdoor lcd digital sign advertising machine can play text, pictures, video, split-screen display, is the text to move up, sound released.Let the surrounding citizens be attracted quickly.The sound and the picture greatly mobilize the viewer's emotion and touch his heart.


4. There are various ways of interactive inquiry.


When the outdoor advertising machine is equipped with inquiry software, it can provide the public with newspaper reading, news inquiry, notification and other services.Or install games, can make the people who are leisure shopping or walking experience the joy of the game.Let the people interact and integrate into the application, improve the sense of experience and immersive stimulation.


5. The scope of application is wide.


Outdoor lcd advertising display can be applied to electronic stop boards to provide public transport information and inquiries, enrich the boring time waiting for the bus;It can also be integrated into the smart community to facilitate the community to publish the notice to the owners at the first time, which changes the monotonous written notice in the past;Easy to enhance the image of hotels, stores, attract customers and so on;


It is precisely because of the various characteristics of outdoor machines that they can adapt to the development of the city and enhance the sense of science and technology in the future.Its brilliant way of display contributes its own strength to the construction of smart cities.With the current development trend, the demand for outdoor advertising machines will increase dramatically in the future, and the market prospects will be excellent.



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