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3D Holographic Display Showcase Shipped to Braun of German

3D Holographic Display Showcase shipped to Braun of German

50 units holographic 3D display 22 inch 3 sides Showcase have been shipped to Braun of German, enjoy high reputation for the stable quality and amazing attract eyes of clients!

3D holographic display 22 inch 3 sides-For U Tech

3D holographic display box-22 inch 270 degree-For U

holographic 3D display-For U

 3D Holographic Display showcase is an interior video projection system, creating a realistic holographic image visible in a 360º angle.It can combine sound and picture and is placed at Malls, Supermarkets, Multi stores, Multiplex cinemas, Airports, Exhibitions and Conferences. It is flexible, interactive, and projects logos, products, videos, human bodies and characters



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