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Outdoor LCD digital signage production department moved to new larger workshop

Outdoor LCD digital signage production department moved to new larger workshop

Our outdoor LCD digital signage production department has moved to a new large workshop of 6 ,000 square meters, as the rapid growth of outdoor LCD signage business, the original workshop has been unable to meet the needs of production. Welcome new and old customers to consult with projects and visit the new outdoor LCD displays kiosk workshop!

55 inch outdoor digital kiosks with PCAP touch, IP65, 2000NITS, AR glass, air condition

For U 55 inch outdoor digital signage kiosk


 86 inch outdoor digital signs for Mosco, IP65, with air conditional, with remote monitoring system

86 inch outdoor digital signs for Mosco 


Outdoor Multi screen billboard for Chinese Goverment

outdoor multi screen billboard for Chinese goverment



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