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Digital Signage--The Fifth Media

Digital Signage--The Fifth Media

Digital Signage was much more developed recently years, more and more digital signage screens can be seen, in shopping mall, stores, subway station, hospital, banks, super markets, ever outdoor application digital signage displays. with video, audio together and ever some with special function like touch, motion sensor etc interactive features, can easily been into receivers mind. get much better advertising result.

For U Technology Co., LTD specialize in the digital signage for more than 5 years, with much more experience  and professional engineers, keep following the most advanced technology in this field and inner R&D innovate. supply stable quality and most value solutions for clients all over the world.

Let's to study more useful investigation report about the digital signage as below.

1. In the largest digital signage market and also the largest and most developed economic body--The united states. digital video in public venues reaches more Americans each month than online videos! we can seem from the reports that digital signage is 70%, online video is 43% and facebook is 41%.

For U Digital Signage-the fifth media


2. Where is Digital Signage most often seen? Report shows Grocery store takes 28%, shopping malls takes 27%, retail or department stores takes 20%, medical office takes 20%, and Movie Theatres take 19%. seems digital signage most used in Grocery stores, shopping malls, retail or department stores, medical office and movie theatres.

 where digital signage often been seen


3. Digital signage is the last--the fifth media, but it becomes the most important media day by day. please refer below report. 47% people that informant have seen a digital signage in past 30 days. and make a comparison of the most important advertising result--recall rate to other 4 medias. 

Radio can't focus on a specific demographic as no visuals, just have 27% recall rate compare to 52% with digital signage

TV, it is also together with video& audio, but the time is limited and very expensive. with 32% recall rate compared to 52% with digital signage

Online banners often blocked by user software, Ad blindness means 3% interaction rate with viewer, difficult to reach specific demographic.

Newspapers, poor print quality, un-focused demographic, harder to target. readership is in a steady decline. 

digital signage is the most important media



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